Kindness in Action Service Society of Alberta is a non-partisan, volunteer-based group of concerned professionals, motivated by a belief in the dignity of all people and their right to basic human needs. Their primary focus is oral health.

Imagine leaving your workplace for one week to devote your time, knowledge and skills to transform hundreds of lives. For Dr. Mey Tanzil, travelling to Ecuador and Guatemala to join Kindness in Action was a life-changing experience. While we are privileged with modern technology, developing countries have little or no help for themselves.


"The greatest reward was seeing children smile and knowing we had made a difference to people's lives. The experience was motivating, rejuvenating, enlightening and self-rewarding. With good hearts and a lot of humility we travelled to a remote village, deep within the Ecuadorian jungle where the concept of a dental office is non-existent. Once there, we were able to attend to the oral needs of over 300 children performing everything form examinations, cleanings, extractions and restorations.” Dr Mey Tanzil


The encounter has made Dr. Tanzil appreciate the practice of dentistry at a whole new level. She is determined to repeat this experience again in the near future with Kindness in Action. 

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